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Family Business Matters

Create a miracle for your family.

Would you like to learn how to . . .

  • Open the doors of understanding in your family, or families you work with?

  • Overcome the obstacles that are preventing family members from working together?

  • Create a solid foundation on which to build family business success?

  • Align diverse family beliefs about company direction?

  • Resolve resentments between adults, siblings, cousins, and management?

Family businesses are extraordinary enterprises. They  begin with inspiration, hard work and the unrelenting devotion of a visionary founder.

The desire of the first generation founder is to provide for his or her family, and pass the business and its wealth on to successive generations. 

This is how a legacy is built. 

Legacies that take lifetimes to build can crumble in a very short amount of time if they are not built on a solid foundation of highly-functional family relationships. 

When dysfunction exists in family relationships, it becomes amplified in the execution of the family business. 

Family members too often use the business as way to work out deep-seated family relationship issues. 

The legacy of the first generation can be left in ruins.

The most successful families in business are ones who:

  • Recognize and understand the issues that working with family members presents.
  • Address these issues head-on by asking the most difficult questions, and holding each other accountable to the very highest of standards.
  • Develop the skills and processes to work through these issues constructively,  and in a way that fortifies the relationships by treating one another with respect and establishing trust.

Successful families make a commitment to build and maintain healthy and functional family relationships that further the goals of the family business. 

It is about relationships and collaboration.

“One can craft an elegant business solution but the keys to implementation are locked up in the family psychology.”

David Bork

These 4 PILLARS create a solid foundation for family business success.

The successful continuity of family relationships and business ownership through successive generations is assured.

Re-Imagining Relationships For Families In Business online course will give you all the materials and information you need to build these 4 PILLARS and ensure your family business resilience.
These 4 PILLARS create a solid foundation for family business success.


Alignment Pillar guides you through a process of values clarification for yourself and your family. Such Alignment is the very foundation of a Values-Based operation.

The greater clarity you have about who you are as a person and what motivates you, the greater the impact on your ultimate success and happiness.


Pillar 2 offers a focus on the absolute need for Boundaries. Boundaries will evolve naturally after learning the critical lesson of family alignment.

Boundaries support and serve the family business development, and will help to determine the clarity of process, the structure of authority, and role definitions.


In this pillar, you will become more aware of your own communication habits and understand their impact on your relationships. We will offer you skills to grow your communication competency.

Communication is an art. Current Neuroscience gives us the proof that communicating in certain ‘artful’ ways leads to better understanding. It radically improves our experience in personal and professional relationships. Learn to acknowledge limitations and develop new ways of relating.


In this Pillar, you will learn the specific things parents must do to prepare their children for the life that awaits them. You will also learn the details of the “Golden Goose Employment Policy."

People of all ages and ability are motivated by recognition, the opportunity for input, and the opportunity to do interesting things. A less-than-competent person will not get recognition, will not be invited to give their input, and will ultimately be shunted to the side to do boring things. When that person is a family member—you have a real problem.

By the end of this course you will

  • Know the skills necessary to resolve conflicts and manage relationships.

  • Agree on and support shared family values.

  • Clearly outline individual family member jobs and responsibilities.

  • Be working with family members best qualified to contribute to the company.

  • Understand the importance of competency as a criterion for entry into the family business.

Bülent Eczacibasi

Eczacibasi Holding

“I first heard Mr. Bork speak at the 1987 YPO University in Istanbul. His concepts, ideas and way of being were so interesting to me that I went to hear him speak in the next venue that was available. After hearing him a second time I invited him to come to Istanbul and meet my father, Dr. Nejat Eczacibasi, founder of Eczasibasi Group.

Bork’s keen intellect, his straight forward manner and his ability to clearly articulate his ideas made him an instant “hit” with our family. We engaged him to help us create the necessary agreements and procedures that would form the basis for how our family would interface with the business. My father’s ideas lead Bork to suggest that we adopt the “100 Year Plan.” We did as he recommended and the fundamental principles in that plan have been the criteria we have used on countless decisions. Taking the long view, as he recommended, has served us well..

Our situation was especially dramatic because Dr. Eczacibasi signed the agreements then went to Philadelphia for cataract surgery. Before he could have the surgery, he had a massive stroke and died a few days later. Had we not finalized the agreements developed by Mr. Bork, our family would have had a very chaotic period."
Bülent Eczacibasi

Jack Mitchell

Mitchells of Westport

“We began our successful journey covering three generations with David over 20 years ago. David is very bright, compassionate and capable...a trusted advisor & friend. David helped my brother Bill and I redefine our roles in the mid 1980’s after our parents passed the equity and torch to us. Together we established an outside advisory board, which David chaired in the first year. During this period we outlined written rules for future employment (five years outside employment after graduating college, and a “real” job after entrance)... if they so desired for our seven sons, plus guidelines for wealth accumulation for both generations and a financially healthy business. Two of our sons are co-presidents and soon will be co-CEO’s supported by the entire family.

Today, David continues to help us as we face the challenges of eleven younger children in the fourth generation. We remain a healthy, happy harmonious family, with nine Mitchells active in the business…our family is indeed indebted to the advice and council both personally and professionally from the great David Bork.
 Jack Mitchell

Meet The Founder
David Bork

  • David Bork


    David Bork

    Course author, David Bork, is a thought leader in family business matters. He has 50 years of experience providing guidance to over 500 family business enterprises around the world.

    As a pioneer in the industry, David brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the many challenges of running a successful family business. He has assisted families in charting their way through every imaginable family business issue. He is the author of The Little Red Book of Family Business, and Family Business, Risky Business. He is co-author of Working with Family Business, a guide for professionals.

    Bork's pioneering work has been reported as early as June 1980 in Fortune Magazine. "Family Business is a Passion Play"

David Bork Is The Author Of

  • family business risky business
  • working with family businesses
  • the little red book of family business


  • How long will it take to complete this course?

    It will take between 16 and 20 hours to complete the learning and answer the survey questions.

  • Are my responses to surveys in this course kept confidential?

    Yes. We value your input and will use it to constantly refine the course. No one but our internal team will ever see your contributions.

  • Will I be able to share this with other family members or in departmental meetings?

    Each course purchased will be specific to the person answering the survey questions.

  • Will I be able to ask questions during the course?

    Yes. Questions will be answered through email.


Make the commitment.
Build and maintain healthy and functional family relationships that further the goals of your family business.


Special Offer: "Families Learn Best When They Learn Together"

My fifty years consulting experience have shown me that families learn best when they learn together.  

I have found this to be true when I conduct seminars, family retreats or business meetings. The benefits of this collaboration are that family members focus on and study real issues for their members. 

To support my goal of families participating together in Re-Imagining Relationships for Families in Business, I am offering a 10% discount to the families who purchase 2 or more course enrollments.

Please contact to request your multi-family-member discount code.


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